6-12-25 Strength-Endurance Muscle Building Workout, INTRODUCTION…12:03


The 6-12-25 Strength-Endurance Workout
By MuscleBody.org

Workout programs that incorporate a variety of loads across the neural-metabolic continuum will stimulate the three
primary muscle fibers required for muscle size and muscle growth: Type 11b, Type 11a and Type 1 muscle fibers. If you
only train one or two of these fibers, you will not experience MAXIMAL muscle growth.

Due to the short rest periods in this muscle building workout program, you’ll also produce significant lactate which
will aide in the production of growth hormone (GH) which increases the potential for fat loss (i.e. ripped abs and six
pack abs) and muscle growth.

How Does The 6-12-25 Workout Program Work?

You will preform one big drop set, also known as a “giant set” or “tri set” which combines three exercises for the
same muscle group. You’ll do 6 reps with the first exercise for relative strength, then you’ll do 12 reps with the
second exercise for hypertrophy and then you’ll do a third exercise for 25 reps for muscle endurance. Combining the
three into one mega giant set with short rest periods make this one hell of a way to get out of a strength,
hypertrophy, or fat loss rut.

How To Select Loads

The first exercise will be done with a 40X0 tempo.
The second exercise will be done with a 30X0 tempo.
The third exercise will be done with a 20X0 tempo.

This is all demonstrated in the video series. Your loads are DICTATED by the tempo and the rep range. So of it says 6
reps with a 40X0 tempo, if you die on the 5th rep, don’t worry. If you can get 7 reps, no problem. If you die on the
10th or 11th rep of the second exercise, don’t worry. If you get 13th reps, awesome! On the last exercise, do your
best to get 25 reps. It’ll take a few workouts to find the right weights to get this right. Every single one of these
sets should be VERY HARD to finish. You will rest 10 seconds between exercises and 120 seconds between giant sets.

Workout Program

Beginners do 2-3 giant sets for a 10-15 minute workout per bodypart.
Intermediates do 3-4 giant sets for a 15-20 minute workout per bodypart.
Advanced do 4-5 giant sets for a 20-25 minute workout per bodypart

Do this program for 3 to 4 weeks! Write down what you do each week so you can make sure your progressing and on
tracking for building muscle.

Here is a potential training split you can follow:

Day One: Shoulders and Abs
Day Two: Biceps and Triceps
Day Three: Off
Day Four: Legs
Day Five: Chest and Back
Day Six: Off
Day Seven: Off

This muscle building workout is NOT easy or for the faint of heart. If you’re looking for an easy workout program,
this is NOT it. This will involve more discomfort than you can imagine. Stay tuned for the rest of this workout
program series and I’ll walk you through every bodypart with real weights. Get ready to learn how to build muscle with
another smart program design for natural trainees!

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